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Why Install Office 2003 ?
An Office 2003 installation dialog will appear in a small number of computers, due to lack of some Office 2003 components.
According to the instructions, you can insert the Office 2003 installation CD and choose the required files on CD.
If you have no CD, you can click Cancel several times to skip installation.

To completely avoid this problem, you can:
1. Reinstall Office 2003, and choose to keep up local installation source, or
2. Uninstall Office 2003. You can choose Office 2007, or choose OpenOffice instead. OpenOffice is a free office suit, which can be downloaded at:
MSVBVM60.DLL Not Found
It merely occurs on Windows 95/98, where VB6 runtime library was not included. You can download and install VB6 runtime library to solve this problem. Download Here
Does Chess Wizard have a portable package?
Yes. Download Here
Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions:
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