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A powerful chess software to play, study, edit and publish games

Last updated: 2024-06-14, Chess Wizard: 1.04, Mobile Chess: 1.13, Chess Database: 15,000 Games. Your suggestions are welcome.

Chess Wizard

Chess Wizard is a free, powerful chess software to play, study, edit and publish games.
>> Strong UCI engines supported, for game playing and analysis.
>> Hundreds of chess puzzles inside, improving your mate skills.
>> Huge online database, including thousands of games, millions of positions and billions of endgames.
>> PGN and FEN supported, easy to edit and publish games.
>> Text-to-Speech applied to moves and positions, for visually impaired users.
>> Chess960 available.
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UCI Engines
Chess Wizard uses Stockfish as its default engine.
Download huge Stockfish opening book
More about UCI Engines
These retro games can be played online (in browser):
FreeCell (Windows 3.0)
Hearts (Windows 3.1)
Spider Solitaire (Windows 98)
3D Pinball (Windows 3.1)
Fury3 (Windows 3.1 + Win32s + WinG)
Red Alert (Windows/ReactOS)
XiangQi (Chinese Chess) Wizard
Mobile Chess & Flash Chess
Stockfish Chess Engine
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