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Chess Wizard: A powerful chess playing and learning software

How to change board and pieces?
Chess Wizard will display board and pieces by the following GIF files in IMAGES folder:
Board / Piece Image
Empty Square OO.GIF
White King WK.GIF
White Queen WQ.GIF
White Rook WR.GIF
White Bishop WB.GIF
White Knight WN.GIF
White Pawn WP.GIF
Black King BK.GIF
Black Queen BQ.GIF
Black Rook BR.GIF
Black Bishop BB.GIF
Black Knight BN.GIF
Black Pawn BP.GIF
Marked Empty Square OOS.GIF
Marked White King WKS.GIF
Marked White Queen WQS.GIF
Marked White Rook WRS.GIF
Marked White Bishop WBS.GIF
Marked White Knight WNS.GIF
Marked White Pawn WPS.GIF
Marked Black King BKS.GIF
Marked Black Queen BQS.GIF
Marked Black Rook BRS.GIF
Marked Black Bishop BBS.GIF
Marked Black Knight BNS.GIF
Marked Black Pawn BPS.GIF
Mated White King WKM.GIF
Mated Black King BKM.GIF
You can change board and pieces by replacing these GIF files.
How to change sound effect?
Chess Wizard will play various sound effects by the following WAV files in SOUNDS folder:
Event Sound
Click a Piece CLICK.WAV
Illegal Move ILLEGAL.WAV
Make a Move MOVE.WAV
a Capture Move CAPTURE.WAV
a Special Move[1] SPECIAL.WAV
a Check Move CHECK.WAV
Move by Computer MOVE2.WAV
Captured by Computer CAPTURE2.WAV
Special Move by Computer SPECIAL2.WAV
Checked by Computer CHECK2.WAV
[1] A special move can be castling, promotion or en passant.
You can change sound effects by replacing these WAV files.
How to turn off sound effect and background music?
To turn off sound effect, click Options -> Sound Effect.
To turn off background music, click Options -> Music -> Mute.
Appendix: Shortcuts in Chess Wizard
The following shortcuts are frequently used in Chess Wizard:
F1: Help Contents
F3: Search positions (not available yet)
F5: Challenge - Current Puzzle List
Ctrl+N: New Game
Ctrl+O: Open a Game
Ctrl+S: Save a Game
Ctrl+P: View Text
Ctrl+K: Analyze in New Window
Ctrl+E: Edit Position
Ctrl+T: Stop / Move Now
Del: Delete a Move
Shift+Del: Retract
Shift+Ins: Paste Position from Clipboard
Ctrl+Ins: Copy Position to Clipboard
The following shortcuts are useful for users with visual impairment:
Ctrl+I: Type in Move
Ctrl+H: Read Move
Ctrl+J: Read Position
Ctrl+U: Stop Reading
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