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How to publish games?
Chess enthusiasts can share their games, ask and answer puzzles online in a convenient way provided by Chess Wizard.
To publish a game, click Publish Game button in the toolbar.
There are two types of Content in Publish Game dialog.
(1) Whole Game: The content will contain the startup position (if started with a puzzle or a midgame) and the whole move list as well as comments. If you want to share your games with other chess enthusiasts or to answer puzzles, please choose Whole Game.
(2) Current Position: The content will contain the current board only, instead of the startup position. If you want to ask puzzles or special positions online, please choose Current Position.
Choose Site
Chess Wizard recommends 4 sites for you to publish games:
(1/2) Blogger/Wordpress: you can publish a game or a position as a blog for sharing, with a Flash Board, in WYSIWYG mode (see below).
(3) Facebook: you can publish a game or a position as a note for sharing, in plain text.
(4) Yahoo! Answers: you can publish a game or a position as a question, in plain text. This is the best way to find the answer for a puzzle.
Please choose (Other) for those sites not mentioned above.
Choose Format
Chess Wizard will automatically choose the best format for each recommended site. To publish on other sites, you must choose one of the following 4 formats:
(1) Plain Text: The simplest format that is available to almost all sites. If you do not know whether one site supports BBCode or HTML, please choose Plain Text.
(2) BBCode: The prefered format for a phpBB forum. Chess Wizard will generate a board image in BBCode if you want to publish a position.
(3) HTML Code: For blogs and forums that support HTML code. Chess Wizard will generate a board image in HTML Code for a position, or generate a Flash board (see examples) for a game.
(4) HTML Content: The same as HTML Code, but in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode, which is supported by most blog sites including Bloggers and WordPress.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions:
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