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Download TTS Engines
Chess Wizard can use TTS (Text-to-Speech) engines installed in Windows, which can be seen in Speech properties in Control Panel. You can download the full TTS package that includes Mary and Mike voices, instead of the default Sam voice in Windows XP. Download Here
How to Hear Voice
Check Read Move in the Preferences dialog (in Options menu), and Chess Wizard will read out the move made by user and computer. Chess Wizard will also read out all moves and comments when the game is in demonstration. [How to demonstrate a game?]
If you did not hear a move clearly, you can click Read Move in Wizard menu, or press Ctrl+H to listen it again.
To read the whole position, click Read Position or press Ctrl+J.
If reading a move with comment takes much time, you can click Stop Reading or press Ctrl+U.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions: webmaster@chess-wizard.com
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