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Play Windows 3D Pinball Online


Play Windows 3D Pinball Online
Known issues:
1. unable to focus mouse in FireFox. Switch to another window and switch back, then mouse works.
2. the ball can't keep stationary on the launch pad. Please retry if launch fails.
Left and Right Flipper: Z and /
Left, Right and Up Bump (Nudge): X, . and Up (nudging table too much will make it tilt)
Plunger (Launch): Space
This is the Space Cadet table in Full Tilt! Pinball
Run in Windows 3.1, Emulated by js-dos
About Windows 3D Pinball Space Cadet
From Wikipedia:
The Space Cadet table features the player as a member of a space fleet that completes missions to increase rank. Players can attain nine different ranks (listed from lowest to highest): Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, LT Commander, Commander, Commodore, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral. Players accept a mission by hitting "mission targets" which select which mission they will take, and by going up the "launch ramp". Each mission has a set number of things for players to do, such as hitting the "attack bumpers" (which are a set of four bumpers at the top of the table) eight times (this is the "target practice" mission). Some missions involve a number of steps which must be completed in sequence. Missions end either by being completed, or by being aborted due to running out of "fuel", as indicated by the lights in the passage that passes under the launch ramp. The "fuel" lights go out one by one at a time interval, and can be re-lit by having the ball go over them, or all at once by going up the launch ramp again. Upon completing a mission, some of the blue lights in a circle in the middle of the table turn on. When all of the lights in the blue circle turn on, the player's rank increases, and a light in the orange circle turns on.
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