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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Install Office 2003 ?
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Does Chess Wizard have a portable package?
How to publish games?
How to hear voice?
Games & Positions
Limitations in Chess Wizard
How does Chess Wizard parse openings?
How to type in moves?
How to deduce variations?
How to demonstrate a game?
Computer Playing
How to let the computer make move?
How to change the level of computer?
What does 'Value' stand for in Show Analysis window?
What is 'Ponder'?
How to analyze a position in a game?
How to obtain other engines?
How to let two different engines play against each other?
How to design an engine?
How to debug an engine in Chess Wizard?
GUI Settings
How to change board and pieces?
How to change sound effect?
How to turn off sound effect and background music?
Appendix: Shutcuts in Chess Wizard
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